Beginner Guitar – Acoustic Or Electric?

Which one guitar to choose from – acoustic guitar or electric for a beginner? I’m sure that this question has offended every beginner guitarist or parent. I was in that kind of situation too. So, I’ll try to help you here!

I’ll help you for this reason! Read this easy guitar guide, and I hope you’ll get an idea to make right choice.

Guitar World is like a Wonderland for everyone who enters in music shop. Choosing right instrument is not as easy as it might be. You need some guide to find real one. Beginner guitar requires to make right choice, because any musicians while practice grows really fast and in some time he requires better instrument. Today I’ll try to help beginners to make right choice in choosing for appropriate musical instrument.

Guitar is like a girl that needs to be treated carefully.

If you choose not “your” guitar, then it might be uncomfortable to play. Basically what you need to know before getting your own appropriate guitar for beginner is that how you like it.

Remember 4 main facts:

  • First Aspect: Just look at it, look at the wood and at the design. If you like it, then it’s OK.
  • Second Aspect: Take the guitar and try to play something or just twang it. If you feel comfortable or if you like how instrument fits to your body – then it’s OK.
  • Third Aspect: Place your hand on the guitar fret board. Try to “run” the fret board, or play something. The Fret board must be comfortable (or soft). Your hand must not be overloaded. (Tip – Gibson guitar is a wooden board, but the sound of Gibson counts to be the best in the World. If you’re a beginner – focus on comfort).
  • Fourth Aspect: And last but not least – listen to the sound of the guitar. Sound must be bright and major. It must be pleasant to your ear. If you like the timbre, then it is ready to be bought.

Of course, you can focus on stuff like perfect guitar design, shiny color or looks. But that doesn’t affect the sound of the instrument. If you feel that it suits you, then take it. Remember next fact:

When you look at the guitar and you feel like it’s calling you: “Hey, take me! Here I am!” then it’s instrument for you. It’s a paradox, but that’s the Guitar World.

So, main question still remain, which one is good beginner guitar – acoustic or electric guitar?

Don’t overload your mind about that. Get one that you like the most. When I was a child, I liked the sound of the over driven guitar. I listened to

  • Queen;
  • Metallica;
  • AC DC;

and other hard rock monsters!

I wanted to play like them. For that reason my first guitar was Encore acoustic guitar. Cheap guitar for about 120$. Perfect for a beginner. I chose acoustic one, because I wanted to learn play the guitar, some songs and melodies from Metallica. It’s good to know some simple songs, sing among your friends and attract girls with the singing.

You can do that on electric guitar also, but acoustic one is more appropriate. As I said before, listen to yourself and your heart will tell you what to do.

Hope that this post will help you in your finding good beginner guitar.

If you want to achieve major success, then follow our guitar guide tips and it will give you basic ideas for everything you need to know to get started.

Good look to you and practice a lot!

Do it with joy!


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Beginner Guitar – Acoustic Or Electric?
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