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Are you eager to try out what an excellent amp modeler can do for your sound? Just like many players who haven’t used these kinds of pedals, you will be surprised to hear the kind of sound quality and versatility you can achieve with an amp modeler. What’s great about amp modelers is that they save you both time and money. You don’t need several different pedals to achieve different kinds of effects and amplify the tones at the same time. One single amp modeler can do all that for you.

However, the challenge is to find a modeler that does not only offer the versatility in terms of features and effects but also has the built quality that can last for years. The market is full of replicas and modelers that don’t meet the right standards in terms of sound quality, which is quite a disappointment. However, we were able to find five high quality amp modelers that surely won’t disappoint you. If you are looking to get good value for your money, these are the amplifiers you should consider! Let us know in the comments below whether you’ve been able to find a modeler that suits your need and budget!

#1 Behringer TM300 Ultimate Tube Amp Modeling Pedal

Let’s start off with the most affordable high quality amp modeler that you will find on the market. The Behringer TM3000 modeling pedal features an authentic modeling technology that can provide a wide range of sounds, from clean tones to slight crunch and all the way to extra fat distortion. Even though this is a very affordable model, it can compete with some of the highest quality modelers out there. It features a total of 27 configurations, which is more than enough to achieve the tube amp sound you are looking for.

This amp modeler is very simple to use. Even beginners can easily get around using this thing. All you have to do is flip a switch to choose your favorite tone and effects. The pedal offers dedicated drive, high and low EQ, mic, level, model, and amp controls. An LED status indicator will let you know whether an effect is running or not. Interestingly, this versatile amp modeler can also be used with an acoustic guitar that has an electronic pickup. Overall, it is compact and durable. Most importantly, it gets the job done at a great price.

  • Authentic modeling technology
  • 27 configurations
  • A wide array of controls
  • LED status indicator
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Might get a bit noisy after a while

#2 Behringer V-Tone Guitar Driver Amp Modeler

We will continue with another Behringer amp modeler, only this one features the V-tone technology. As an analog guitar modeling preamp / stompbox, this product can produce a variety of sounds from clean to distorted tones. It features a DI recording output and 27 configurations. Its precise level and drive controls, along with the musical two-band EQ, provide amazing sound quality. The modeler also has outputs for gold-plated XLR connectors.

The amp can run on bot a 9V battery and a Behringer power supply. Unfortunately, neither of these are included in the price. However, this user-friendly modeler is well worth the money if you consider the versatility and sound quality it offers. It is important to mention that the modeler features a ground lift switch which eliminates ground loop problems that typically occur with these kinds of pedals. Overall, the modeler is well built and long-lasting.

  • V-tone technology
  • 27 configurations
  • Variety of sounds
  • Precise level and drive controls
  • Musical two-band EQ
  • Great tone quality
  • Versatile option
  • The power supply is not included in the price

#3 NUX Amp Force Modeling Amp

The third modeler on our list is the NUX Amp Force modeling amp that features the advanced True Simulation of Analog Circuit Technology or TC/AC for short. This compact twin pedal has an A/B output and features a dual engine for extra power. In other words, it mixes two tube guitar amp sounds together in order to create high quality results. It also has a built-in switchable noise gate that reduces background noise and ensures the tone is always as clear as it can be.

The pedal comes with a 6 dB footswitch for easier switching between manual control and presets. Speaking of which, there are total of nine presets available. However, players can switch to manual mode and control the sound on their own. The modeler also features a large LCD panel with a great graphic interface. It is easy to use because most of the features are quite self-explanatory. Let’s not forget that the pedal can run both on a battery or an AC power supply, which is great if your power supply dies out, you can still run the pedal with backup batteries.

  • True Simulation of Analog Circuit Technology
  • Warm tube guitar amp
  • Dual engine mixes two amp sounds into one
  • Switchable noise gate built-in
  • Nine presets available
  • Easy to switch between presets and manual mode
  • Has a large LCD panel
  • No cons

#4 VOX STOMPLAB2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal

The fourth and fifth products on our list are always the highest quality choices on the market. That is why we will take things to the next level with the VOX modeling guitar pedal. The reason why this pedal is ranked so highly is because it offers a total of 104 effects with 120 programs, 100 of which are presets. This compact pedal features a durable metal body. It offers powerful sounds organized into categories to make browsing easier for the player.

You will find different sound variations in categories organized by style. Thus, you will find categories such as blues, ballad, rock, etc. There are ten categories and each of them features ten different sound variations. Besides the diversity of sounds, the pedal can provide a wide range of additional effects from distorted tones to completely clear ones. It is easy to use and, surprisingly, even beginners will easily figure it out. Interestingly, what makes this pedal stand out is the fact that it allows users to edit and save a total of 20 of their own user programs.

  • 104 effects available
  • 120 programs
  • 100 presets and 20 empty slots for users to edit and save their own programs
  • Compact metal body
  • Sturdy construction
  • Diversity of sounds
  • Sounds categorized by style
  • Easy to use
  • No cons

#5 Zoom MS50G MultiStomp Guitar Pedal

We’ve come to the fifth and last amp modeler on our list, the Zoom MultiStomp guitar pedal. As the highest quality modeler on the list, this pedal features a variety of effects combined with the flexibility of an amp modeler. It is basically an all-in-one solution designed as a stompbox. The pedal provides a total of 55 classic effects and amp models. Its interface is very easy to follow so you won’t get lost among hundreds of buttons and features. If you are looking for a simple pedal that will take the sound of your guitar to the next level, this is one of the best options to keep in mind.

The pedal also features a high quality LCD panel, a footswitch, as well as analog-style cursor keys. What makes the sound quality of this pedal so outstanding is the built-in auto chromatic tuner. This is the only model on our list that has this feature. Besides versatility in terms of effects, the pedal offers durability and flexibility that will last for years. Besides, this model can run for entire seven hours on only two AA batteries. Keep in mind that the batteries are not included in the price, although you can get them at cheap prices at any local store.

  • Combines a variety of effects with the flexibility of an amp modeler
  • 55 classic effects and amp models
  • Versatile sounds
  • Integrated auto chromatic tuner
  • LCD panel
  • Included footswitch and analog-style cursor keys
  • Seven hours of operation
  • No cons


Thank you for sticking all the way to the end of our list of five best amp modelers. We hope that our list will help you find the right product to invest in and improve your overall playing experience. When it comes to improving sound quality of a guitar, an amp modeler can make or break the deal. That is why it is important to choose a pedal that will not only boost the sound quality and add effects, but one that will also last long and provide good results for years. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about these five amp modelers and if you decided to try one out!

Best Amp Modelers | Guitar Amp Modeling Pedals | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
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