Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2018

What is the best Bluetooth headset ? We have heard this question many times, haven’t we? A bad headset may ruin even your most engaging idle talk session that is why it is essential to pick the best one. There are hundreds of manufactures out there with thousands of headsets and each one having different features. You must be really confused which product or which brand you may buy. We are here to help you out in hunting down the best bluetooth wireless headset for you. Don’t forget to checkout our bluetooth headset reviews as well.

Bluetooth Headsets

After all what is a Bluetooth headset? lets start with headsets firsts. Headsets are headphone and microphone built in to a single product which allow you to make call using your mobile hands free (of course you may listen to music in some supporting headsets as well). What a Bluetooth headset is that this headset works on a wireless technology called Bluetooth, which allow you to do hands free call like carrying out a safer conversation while doing tasks like driving. So basically Bluetooth Headsets are just wireless headsets. Bluetooth technology will also allow you to connect your headset with computer, laptops and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

How to find the Best Bluetooth headset for you

Picking up a Bluetooth headset from the market where you could find thousands of them is very difficult unless you spend some time on researching about the product online. We would help you to cut the time you may spend on researching follow the below vital tips you will definitely find the right Bluetooth headset for you.

1. How will you use it?

Bluetooth headsets comes in various designs, pricing, shapes and where they are going to be used. So a s a first step you need to lock down where you are going to use the headset, whether it be noisy street and restaurants or placing calls during driving or inside your office cubicles.

2. What features you need?

Bluetooth headset still being a tiny product brings about a lot of complex features like PC pairing,noise cancellation, voice commands for hands-free use, or even stereo audio. Note down the features you need, if you are a music junkie you surely need one that is capable of playing audio from your device

3. Find the Best Design for you Ear.

Well not all of our ears are alike, that’s why we have to take care about the designs for our headset. Some of them provide high quality sound but are big and bulky alot of them are designed moderately which is comfortable to use in office environment where as some other groups of blue tooth headsets are ultra tiny- hard to spot still the best quality. Some of the headsets suits well to those who wears spectacles as well.

The interactive chart of Bluetooth headsets below and the analysis and short reviews that follows will help you decide what is the apt Bluetooth headset is for you.

Ultimate Bluetooth headset Comparison Guide and Key

Included in the matrix are 5 columns:

  • Headset pictures
  • Headset and name/model
  • Features
  • Price – These are approximate prices on These prices are subjected to change based on availability,promotions etc.
  • Product’s Page: We have given the link of product’s page on Amazon, if you want to check it out.
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The headsets included on this chart actually a scratch the surface. As so many models from different manufactures are available now we will not be able to list everything out. However, many top Bluetooth headsets are included at every price range from different manufactures.

How To Find a Bluetooth Headset That Meets Your Needs

Above you will find an interactive comparison table of many of top wireless headsets on the market today. Lets first take a look at what’s on this guide. Overall, rather than taking some non professional guy’s review on YouTube about what the best headset is, do your own research on the basis of above chart, you can also read our short bluetooth headset reviews as well.

Headset Types

Mono Bluetooth Headsets: These are single piece headsets designed fort corporate travellers who needed to conduct business calls either on the road or while telecommuting from home. These devices are able to provide long battery life, good audio quality, and comfortable fit to make it through a full work day without pain.

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets: Recent rise in smartphone industry has give rise to the demand for Bluetooth headphone with microphone capability. Usually stereo headsets place audio quality above call quality. You can enjoy music from your device without the hassle of wires and in case a call connects you will be able to answer with out missing a beat.

Features to Look for in a Bluetooth Headset

Make sure you check this before you buy the best bluetooth headset for you

1. Call Quality

Call quality is an issue in both directions. If your device cannot provide the call quality that your surrounding environment needs there is no point in buying one. If call quality is the most important criteria for you, you’ll want to check out the Plantronics Voyager Legend or the Jawbone Era.

2. Noise Cancellation

Noise suppression performance is an important feature. You cannot measure from your end of the call, as its how clearly the other party hears that’s important. Driving on a highway or walking through a bus stand or in windy area can quickly separate the good performers from the bad. An easy measure is to look dual microphones to engage in active noise cancellation in the headsets you wish to buy.

3. Battery Life

If you don’t want to charge frequently go for less fashionable bulkier headsets like the Plantronics M55 or LG Tone/ Tone Plus can last for more than 10 hours on a single charge. The Motorola CommandOne lasts over five hours despite its slim body.

4. Comfort and Customizable fit

Your ear should be comfortable with your headset.Some models, such as Motorola headset– the CommandOne, brings a rubber earbud that sits partially inside your ear.Some other headsets sit at the edge. It’s your personal choice to choose the best one for you. A well-designed Bluetooth headset will provide a wide assortment of eartips or swappable earbuds to accommodate many different ear sizes and shapes. LG Tone/ Tone Plus is one of the best stereo headset providing comfortable fit.

5.Bonus Features

Features like HD quality sound, multipairing, multipoint pairing capabilities, voice command features are also to be look for. Note that not all the features mentioned will not be available in a single headset.So choose your device wisely.

6. Price

Last but not the least the price factor. You can find good Bluetooth headset under 30$ as well as above 100 $. It is up to your financial capabilities that decide your headset.

Our Picks for the Title of the Best Bluetooth Headset

To be frank the aforementioned headsets are excellent options,but there are a few that we just need to point out as our favourites. Below you will find our top 4 picks and short reviews of bluetooth headsets. You can read details bluetooth headset reviews by clicking the tile.

1. Plantronics M55:

Based on user rating, size, reputation of the manufacturer, and the price Plantronics M55 is one of the best Bluetooth headset available today. The M55 looks good with the front and back made by the shiny plastic material. The headset comes with just one clear eartip, along with an optional clear plastic hook so that it doesn’t fall easily.

M55 provide good voice call quality. Voices sound rich, full, and easy to understand through the earpiece. Streaming A2DP content sounds clear, though it lacks bass response. On an average M55 battery last 10 hour-which is huge. There is also deepsleep mode to extend battery life.

You can answer a call on the M55 by saying just “Answer,”which is great if you’re driving. M55 also lets you pair the headset with two different phones and answer calls from either one. The M55 comes with one free year of Vocalyst Basic an app that lets you to send status updates to Facebook or Twitter, and organize email messages. This feature is exclusive to those who live in the US.

This would be the best budget Bluetooth headset you can find in the market

2. PlantronicsVoyager Legend:

Voyager Legend is bulkier less fashionable mono Bluetooth headset evolved from the Plantronics Voyager series. Though it is bigger it is easy to fit and provide excellent call quality. Like the predecessor models it is made of plastic. The oversized hardware volume rocker and power switch on the Voyager Legend are features that stand it apart from the previous models. Plantronics includes three gel eartips of different sizes in the box with two foam pads.

Voyager Legend has built in sensors to check whether you are wearing the headset or not. Voice prompt mode makes easy to answer or ignore the calls. Voice quality is excellent overall. Noise Cancellation feature is also excellent. Plantronics claims the Voyager Legend offers up to 7 hours of talk time on a single charge which is not as good as the M55.

Plantronics Voyager Legend supports A2DP, so you can stream audio. It supports multipoint pairing as it allows you to pair two devices simultaneously. As with other Plantronics headsets over the past several years, the Voyager Legend comes with one year free Vocalyst plan. If you weigh call quality more than any thing this one is the best bluetooth headset for you.

3. Jawbone Era:

Aliph Jawbone Era comes with unique and attractive features. The headset is the beginning of some thing new. Built in Accelerometer and dedicated application processor which makes it a top notch Bluetooth headset in the market.The Era comes in four basic colors black white, brown and black-and-red. It comes with eight different sets of ear tips as well.

Though the voice quality is good it does not stand up to Voyager Legend’s voice call quality. The Jawbone Era runs real apps. Thanks to Texas Instrument’s dedicated application processor. To make potential apps richer, Aliph added an Accelerometer the headsets. you can tap on it firmly to answer or end a call and Shake the headset to put it in pairing mode.

The Era’s speaker is large enough to provide better sound quality. Stereo-over-mono, music, and podcast sound are terrific. The battery life is around 5 hours only which is not that good considering other competitor. Taking all features into consideration many tech geeks consider Jawbone Era as the best bluetooth headset.

4. LG Tone Plus (HBS-730)

LG Tone Plus is a uniquely designed stereo headset that ensures quality for music listening. It is very comfortable though it has an unusual behind the neck design like the original LG Tone. It consists of two cylinders were control buttons resides connected via a flexible neckband, with a wired earbud coming out of each pod.

The two main features that makes LG Tone Plus superior to its predecessor LG Tone is that the former supports voice over LTE network and the presence of apt X technology that usually found in RF and Infrared wireless headphones to enhance the sound to CD quality.

It has a Bluetooth ringtone feature which can play your ringtone when a a call comes through, apart from usual features like automatic redial, automatic pairing etc. The headset is best at it’s sound quality though voice quality suffers from noise interference. Though LG HBS-700 support multi connection (multi point pairing), works only in hands-free mode for voice calls;you won’t be able to stream music. LG Tone has a long battery life of 10 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time. The headset is good for frequent travellers as well as for light workout sessions, to keep you connected.

5. Jabra Supreme UC MS

Jabra Supreme UC is for those folks who prefer classic on-ear Bluetooth headset. It is great for voice communication. The headset features a bulky boom style design, and is made for both your home computer and your smartphone and tablet. It is an updated version of Jabra Supreme, with the major difference being a tiny USB Bluetooth adapter called Jabra 360 included in the box. It lets you to connect the headset with your PC for having wireless VoIP calls or your Google+ hangout sessions.

Supreme UC features voice guidance which tells you who is calling and also supports other voice commands. Th headset supports dual microphone for better noise cancelling. You can stream music but cannot control the media player using headset button. Jabra Supreme app is an exclusive app for supreme series headset and can be downloaded from the Android Market, which allows for tweaking of noise-cancelling settings. Jabra Supreme UC has a rated battery life of 6 hours of talk time and 15 days standby time.

Final Words

Now that you have seen the 10 best options and reviewed our top five picks for the best Bluetooth headset on the market, it’s up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range. Make sure you follow our vital tips before you buy.

As you know, new headsets are being created day by day. For that reason, the comparison chart above will have to be updated as new bluetooth headsets need to be added to the list. If you think we have missed some great Bluetooth headsets please let us know.

Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2018
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