Best Cheap Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018

Bluetooth headsets has been a necessary gadget for people a few years ago. Some uses it for having safe conversation while driving or on the go and some other uses for listening music during their workout sessions or while jogging or for playing video games on PS3.

Whatever the use may be we can surely say that these headsets are not just a luxury item in day to day life. Like other consumer electronics gadget Bluetooth headsets are available in different price ranges. Over 200 $ to less than 20 $ models are there out in the market.

There was a time when buying a cheap Bluetooth headset meant having to make do with a really sluggish device of low quality. Luckily times have changed as more and more manufactures came into Bluetooth headset production. Simply put now cheap doesn’t mean low quality.

We have picked sixteen that does not compromise on the basic performance for a Bluetooth Headset but still cheap, but all of them are mono or single eared. We have considered only big brands, launched in or after 2011 models for the list of cheap Bluetooth Headsets. The prices are according to lowest price. You may find some difference in price according to the provider or in a local shop.

Top 16 Cheap Bluetooth Headsets in 2015

1. Motorola HK 100 – $14

Motorola HK 100 is a Mono, Light weight headset with bulkier earpiece, that may not fit great in your ear. It has an In ear earbud with over the ear mount design. EasyPair technology simplifies pairing with your device whether it be PC or cellphone or your MP3 player. It operates on Bluetooth 2.1 version. No A2DP streaming as you might guessed already. Voice call quality is above par. HK 100 can provide a listening range up to 33 feet and has a rated battery life of 400 hours standby time and 12 hours talktime.

2. Motorola HK 210- $15

Motorola HK 210 is an improved version of HK 100. It is a mono, compact easy to use headset with In ear earbud with over the ear mount design. Era bud tend to be bigger and can be a problem for those with small ears. It operates on Bluetooth 3.0 version and boasts one microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. Voice quality is better than HK 100. pairing process is very simple as HK 100. It does not support A2DP Bluetooth Profile for audio streaming. Motorola HK 210 has a rated battery life of 8 hours talktime and 4 days standby time.

3. Samsung HM 1000- from 29$

Samsung HM 1000 is a mono Bluetooth headset with an uninteresting design, that could be a problem for comfortable fit after a while. It features quick pairing, voice commands support and multipoint technology. It’s features single microphone for noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic volume control. Call quality is respectable though at some time noise inference can be felt on the both ends.The Samsung HM 1000 has a rated battery life- talk time of 7 hours and standby time of 16.7 days.

4. Samsung HM 1100- from 20$

Samsung HM 1100 is a mono Bluetooth headset with a sleek, black form factor with a over the ear mount design. It has features like
auto volume adjustment, multipoint technology, active pairing for paring the headset with another device quick and easy, noise reduction. Call quality is average and is justifiable to the price. Samsung HM 1100 has a rated battery life of 200 hours standby time and 14 hours talk time.

5. Samsung HM 1200- from 7$

Samsung HM 1200 is a simple,compact and straightforward mono Bluetooth headset. It has features like LED battery level indication and on/off switch for better managing the battery,voice dialling, Multipoint technology and active pairing. Call quality is great for the price. Samsung HM 1200 has a rated battery life of 8 hours talktime and 300 hours of standby time.

6. Samsung HM 1300 from 23$

Samsung HM 1300 is a simple, easy to use, low cost, lightweight mono Bluetooth headset which boasts features like simple pairing, multipoint technology. It comes with three interchangeable soft gel tips for a customized fit. It can work on Bluetooth 3.0 standards for blazing speeds. Voice and call quality at both ends are above average. Samsung claims a battery life up to 8 hours for talktime and 300 hours on standby.

7. Samsung HM 1700-from 20$

Samsung HM 1700 is a simple, feature packed, ultra light weight stylish mono Bluetooth headset featuring single-microphone noise cancellation and wind reduction , along with voice prompt support. It supports A2DP standard so that you can stream mono music directly to the device. It boasts features like simple pairing, multipoint technology and ships with three interchangeable soft gel tips for a customized fit. It works on Bluetooth 3.0 platform. Samsung HM 1700 has a rated talktime of 8 hours and standby time of 300 hours.

8. Samsung HM 1800-from 13$

Samsung HM 1800 is lightweight, simple feature rich, mono,cheap Bluetooth headset. It boasts features like active pairing, multipoint technology, voice prompt based interface that provides battery and connection status updates, along with usage instructions. It supports Bluetooth version 3.0 for blazing speed. Voice quality is mostly good. Additionally, the Samsung HM1800 doesn’t support A2DP. According to Samsung, the headset should last for around 8 hours as talk time and over twelve days on standby

9. Samsung HM 1900 – from 24$

Samsung HM 1900 is a mono, feature packed Bluetooth headset that boasts top-notch sound via its built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, and simple pairing. You can stream mono music from your device to the headset. It supports Bluetooth version 3.0 and multi lingual voice alerts (in English as well as in Spanish). HM 1900 battery boasts 4.5 hours of talk time, and up to 150 hours of standby time.

10. Samsung HM 3300-from 24$

Samsung HM 3300 is a low priced, mono Bluetooth headset which features Near Field Communication (or NFC) capability that makes it pairing is even simpler than normal. The headset supports A2DP streaming and the voice quality and audio quality are above the par. Multiple sized ear accessories ships with this headset for comfortable fit. Samsung HM 3300 battery boasts 4 hours of talk time, and up to 140 hours of standby time per charge cycle.

11. Jabra Talk- from 18$

Jabra Talk is a mono, easy to set up, simple and low cost Bluetooth headset and comes with an in-ear design and comes with three different size silicone ear buds. It has HD voice technology for better sound quality, but noise cancellation is not good, but still worth the money. It supports A2DP for streaming multimedia – GPS, music and podcasts. It has features like automatic volume adjustment, multipoint pairing. Jabra claims a battery life up to 6 hours talk time and up to 8 days standby time.

12. Plantronics M50 -from 28$

Plantronics M50 is an affordable good looking comfortable fit Bluetooth headsets. The headset is an on-ear design, which means the rubber ear tip rests on your ear rather than in your ear canal. It delivers solid voice performance and call quality. The M50 can stream A2DP content, so that you can use it to listen to audiobooks, GPS directions, music, podcasts, or other audio on your cell phone. It also supports Bluetooth 3.0 version and multi point pairing technology. The Plantronics M50 also works with Plantronics’ Vocalyst service, which is an automated assistant that offers voice email, news, reminders, and weather. Plantronics claims a very long battery life of 11 hours talktime and 384 hours of standby time.

13. Plantronics M155 from 27$

Plantronics M155 is a fashionable, comfortable, mono affordable Bluetooth headsets. The Marque M155 has A2DP music streaming, voice alerts, and a free one-year basic subscription to the Vocalyst service. The headset ships with three different sizes of clear eartips. Voice and call quality is just average. It supports voice prompts and voice commands. There is a companion app called MyHeadset that is currently available for both the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Plantronics M155 has a rated battery life up to 5 hours talktime and upto 9 days on standby.

14. Plantronics M20 from 23$

Plantronics M20 is a mono, cheap Bluetooth headset providing comfortable secure fit. It has voice alerts, multipoint pairing, easy pairing features. Voice and call quality justify the price. It comes with free basic Vocalyst plan for a year. Pantronics M20 has up to 11 hours talk and 16 days standby time so users don’t have to recharge very often

15. Plantronics M25 from 21$

Plantronics M25 is an improvised version of M20. It is a mono in expensive, comfortable Bluetooth headset which features DeepSleep(TM) mode to stay charged for up to five months. It supports A2DP streaming, multipoint pairing, noise reduction and voice alerts. Sound quality is decent, and it’s clear. It also comes with basic Vocalyst plan for one year.

16. LG HBM 235-from 15$

LG HBM 235 is the cheapest Bluetooth headset available form LG electronics. It is a simple mono Bluetooth headset that features like multi point pairing, multifunctional call button. It does not feature A2DP streaming. It offers acceptable audio quality considering its bargain-basement price. LG claims HBM-235 has a battery life of 8 hours of talk time and 12.5 days of standby time.

Final Words

Now you have seen our 16 picks for best cheap Bluetooth headsets. The headsets are priced up to 30$. We could find that some technically better models from same brand (Samsung) are cheaper than the less feature models in . You are likely to see price difference in other stores or even in Amazon depending on the provider.

Samsung HM 1200 is the cheapest in our list. When considering the overall performance Plantronics M50 is the clear champion in our opinion. Now it is your turn to select your choice according to your preference. Do not forget to checkout our Bluetooth headset guide before you buy one.

Best Cheap Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018
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    LUis March 14, 2018 at 11:38 AM

    I have had several headsets from $20 models up to $90 models. Some of these bluetooths with too much noise cancellation are often gimmicky and people tend to complain that they can understand or i sound weird. The M25 is one that i can recommend and can be found for under $25. However, it has one small caveat its range its limited. It likes to disconnect within 20ft of the headset. Other than that its a solid performer for the price. For a few bucks more i can also recommend the Motorola Elite Fip. It has decent battery life, callers sound clearer and louder, you can walk around everywhere and not worry about disconnecting. This one had a higher retail price than the ones listed in this article. However, since its been out for almost 3 years can be found for under $40 at this point. I hesitate to spend more than $40 because these things tend to get lost, stepped on, washed etc. This way if something like this was to happen the blow will be easier to deal with.

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      Larry S. March 14, 2018 at 11:38 AM

      Thanks for the solid review, Luis.

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