Best Mono Bluetooth Headset 2018

Now that smartphones are getting prevalent, Bluetooth headsets are slowly becoming a must have accessory for cell phone fanatics. Not only that it allow you to carry out a safer conversation while driving or while your hands are not free it gives you freedom from tangled wires.

Over the last few years Bluetooth headsets have undergone drastic change with the inclusion of features like noise cancellation, voice commands, HD audio to Accelerometer and ability to run real applications. Since there is no try before by option, it is important do an extensive research on the headsets you are going to buy.

As I have explained in our ultimate Bluetooth headset guide Bluetooth headsets that are available today can be easily classified in to two main categories — Mono and stereo bluetooth headsets. Years before mono Bluetooth headsets are meant only for voice call purpose and stereo for both voice calls and other audio/music listening purpose. Now the Scenario has changed.

What is a Mono Bluetooth Headset

Mono or Monaural Bluetooth headsets are traditional single- ear headsets that most people think about while they hear about Bluetooth. Most Mono Bluetooth headsets can be categorized in to two- Professional and Compact.

Professional Headsets are those with an extended microphone that arches toward the mouth and looks a bit like a telemarketer’s headset. These device are targeted at business travellers who needed to conduct business calls on the go. These headsets are able to provide pristine call quality, longer battery life and comfortable fit. These headsets are lesser in number nowadays as the device are bulkier. Plantronics Voyager Series ,Jabra supreme UC are some examples of Professional headsets.

Compact Headsets: Unlike the bulky professional headset compact Bluetooth headsets are small enough to go practically unnoticed. Most of the today mono Bluetooth headset are of this type. They are crafted for making calls on the go. Plantronics M55, Jawbone Era falls to this category.

How to Find the Best Mono Bluetooth Headset

We have done a thorough research to find the best mono Bluetooth headset in the market and picked five of them as favourites. We believe that these headsets are the best five monaural headset you may get. You may browse the other mono Bluetooth headset in the interactive chart of our Bluetooth headset guide.

Top Five Mono Bluetooth Headsets Review

1. Jawbone Era

Jawbone Era is the most sophisticated Bluetooth headset available in the market. It falls to the compact category as it’ microphone doesn’t extends to your face. We can say that Aliph’s Jawbone Era can be the game changer in the market as it is the first one of its kind to have a dedicated application processor with a built in accelerometer.

Like almost all products of Aliph’s Era looks sleek and slim with a three-panelled, textured front. Era comes with 8 different set of eartips-four that sits on your ear hook and other four sits on your ear.One’s you find right eartip it gives you secure fit.

Though Jawbone Era is not great as Plantronics Voyager Legend in voice call quality, but it gives sufficient call clarity, that you may not notice the difference between the two. The Era has adaptive volume which works in highly noisy areas very well. Call transmission quality is at top notch with their highly efficient noise cancellation scheme. Unlike the other headsets Aliph Jawbone Era boasts a longer speaker which means better sound quality.Era’s Battery life is not that good. you may get around five hours with streaming music or audio.

The coolest feature of Jawbone Era’s is its Texas Instrument made dedicated application processor that could actually run real applications apart from normal voice commands. Also a accelerometer is also added to make applications richer Aliph’s Jawbone Era has caller id function as well.

2. Jabra Supreme UC MS

Jabra Supreme UC is the successor of Jabra Supreme falls under the professional mono Bluetooth headsets. It offers an easy way to merge PC and cellular voice communications. It is very light still a bulkier headset compared to other typical mono Bluetooth headsets. It is one of the apt Bluetooth headset for the corporate workers.

The major difference from its predecessor is a tiny USB Bluetooth adapter Called Jabra Link 360 included in the box. The adapter plugs into PCs to enable hands-free calls over Skype or IP office phone systems.

Jabra put strong voice-recognition capabilities at the core of the Supreme UC. It will guide you through a set of voice commands to pair it with your handset on the first time you power on Supreme UC. When calls come through, just say “Answer” or “Ignore,” and the Supreme UC will do th e rest. you can screen your calls easily this way.The Supreme UC can also stream multimedia audio, such as music and Internet radio, from phones. Jabra claims the Supreme delivers 6 hours of talk time and 15 days running on standby which is fair.

3. Plantronics Voyager Legend

Voyager Legend from the voyager series of Plantronics falls to the professional mono Bluetooth headset category with its mic protruding towards your face. Unlike the other Boom style (professional)mono headsets Plantronics Voyager Legend is less bulky and lighter, still delivers superb audio quality. Compared to the predecessor Voyager Pro the headset delivers better audio quality still being smaller. The headset is also customized in a such way that to make it easier to wear for folks wearing spectacles.

The Voyager legend boasts not two but three microphones to improve audio. The device also supports wideband audio for extra clarity. You can also pair two device with the Legend simultaneously known as multipoint pairing adhering to Bluetooth 3.0 specifications.

The Voyager Legend delivers up to 7 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby time which is good. Bluetooth range is about 20 feet which is 10 feet lesser compared to Jawbone Era.

4. Jawbone Icon HD+ the Nerd

Jawbone Icon HD + the Nerd is a killer pair in which Icon HD is the Bluetooth headset and the Nerd is the USB dongle to connect with any PC or Mac without a tedious Bluetooth pairing process. Jawbone Icon HD has the same look and design like the earlier models from Jawbone series.

Icon HD supports multipoint pairing so that you may connect the headset simultaneously with two devices and surprisingly the headset is smart enough to switch between the Nerd and the phone whenever a new call comes through. The Icon HD has a new high-definition wideband speaker like the one in Jawbone Era.

The Icon HD’s call quality is excellent, volume goes incredibly loud and like the Era it has also adaptive volume feature.Their highly efficient noise cancellation feature makes Transmission quality is superb. The headset has a range of 35 feet which is the maximum range you likely to find out in any Bluetooth headset.

5. BlueAnt Q2

BlueAnt q2 mono Bluetooth headset is the successor to the much-lauded Q1 but boast advanced features like text to voice and voice-control features and far sleekier in appearance. Made up of plastics entirely it has an executive look.

Q2 has a large piece of mesh plastic that covers most of the front. This acts as a wind guard that protects the headset’s two microphones. Like other BlueAnt headsets you can control most of the headset’s features simply by using your voice. “Answer”, “Ignore”, “Redial”,”teach me” these are some of the commands that Q2 understand.

Call quality is really superb,because of BlueAnt’s Wind Armour Technology that promises great audio quality even in wind speeds of up to 22 mph. Noise cancellation feature provides efficient transmission quality as well. But Bluetooth range is just 15 feet which is less than average and the battery gives around 5 hour talk time.

Your Turn

Now we have reviewed the five best mono Bluetooth headset for you. Now it is your turn to choose which is apt for you. We advice you to read our Bluetooth headset comparison guide which will definitely help to pick the best Bluetooth headset for you.

We will be updating this post as soon as new quality mono headset arrive in the market.Feel like we missed some important mono Bluetooth headset let us know in the comments below.

Best Mono Bluetooth Headset 2018
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