Best Motorola Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018

Bluetooth has been an essential feature not just in smartphones but also feature phones nowadays. Thus the demand for a Bluetooth headset that enable you to have a great calling session along with streaming audio or podcast is also been increasing. As the Law of demand states in a given time period, the quantity demanded of a good increases as its price falls, keeping other things remaining the same. The price of Bluetooth headsets has been going down with the advancement in the technology in returns to greater in the demand.

There are hundreds of Bluetooth headset manufactures out there today like Samsung, LG, Plantronics etc.f the major players in the league is our own Motorola. Motorola may be famous for its Android smartphones these days, but the company also makes accessories like Bluetooth headsets. In this article we analyse the top five Motorola Bluetooth headset for you. If there are any Motorola lovers out there wish to buy a Bluetooth headset, this would be a great resource for them.

Best Five Motorola Bluetooth Headsets

1.Motorola CommandOne

Featuring Motorola’s own noise cancellation technology along with A2DP streaming, multipoint pairing CommandOne is of no doubt that the best budget Motorola Bluetooth Headset ever. It was brought as a compliment product for Droid smartphones still works with other handsets as well. CommandOne is made-up entirely of plastic and comes with five gel tips, the detachable ear hook, and a carrying case.

The first time you power on the headset it will guide you to pair with your handset via voice commands. Apart from the regular Bluetooth headset features like last number redial, voice prompts CommandOne boasts multi point pairing so that you can pair it with two devices, A2DP streaming for audio podcasts. Another unique feature of the headset is its support for MotoSpeak, Motorola’s Android application that can read incoming text messages for you.

Voice quality is exceptional; CrystalTalk dual-microphone noise cancellation does a good job of blocking out extraneous sound. Still the Noise Suppression is not the best in the market. Battery life is around five and half hour and it requires two hour to charge CommandOne fully.

2.Motorola S11-Flex HD

The s11 flex HD is lightweight, sweat resistant stereo Bluetooth headset that is tough enough for the gym. Once you get it fitted to your ears properly, it’s pretty comfortable to wear. The fittings are highly flexible.

Pairing with your device is easy. The S11-Flex HD supports multipoint, so that you may pair two devices simultaneously It only works for calls, not music. Audio quality for music streaming is good enough. For calls, the dual-mic design aids in noise cancellation. But still the CrystalTalk clarity isn’t found.Motorola claims the S11 will provide up to 7 hours of talk time, 6 hours of audio playback, and a standby time of 6 days. With a mere charging for five minutes you can use the device for an hour. The range is more than 40 feet which is really impressive.

This expensive headset is apt to for your workout sessions but phone calls aren’t its strength.

3.Motorola Endeavor HX1

Still after 3 years of launching Endeavor HX1 keeps its name as one of the best headset ever from Motorola. Along with Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology and a dual mic design Endeavor boasts cutting edge bone-conduction technology (technology that promises to translate the vibration of the jaw into speech.) with a special in-ear sensor for eliminating background noise.

The Motorola Endeavor HX1 has a very business-like design. It comes with a total of six rubber ear tips and a power supply. Ear tips are curved that sits most of the way in your ear. Pairing is easy simply power it on it will guide you with voice commands.

Motorola calls their Bone Conduction Technology as stealth mode. The idea is that you would use CrystalTalk for everyday use, and then for extremely noisy situations, you can move to “stealth mode” to take advantage of the bone conduction. Though the technology isolate the noise completely it affects the sound transmitting quality.

4.Motorola FINITI

The Finiti has the same “stealth” bone conduction mode for extremely noisy situations and Motorola’s CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology for regular use as the Endeavor Hx1. The headset looks like traditional and has a rectangular design similar to the Motorola CommandOne. The package contains the headset, the detachable ear hook, and five rubber ear fittings. Two of them curve against the back edge of your ear other three are curved to sit inside your ear and the other two curve against the back edge of your ear.

It also boast features like multipoint pairing so that you may connect the headset with tow device and alternate between them when a call comes through, A2DP streaming, voice controls, and compatibility with MotoSpeak app that reads out incoming text messages. It also supports voice control, so you can say “answer” to pick up a call and “ignore” to ignore one.

Though Finiti incorporates Bone conduction and CrystalTalk technologies the call quality isn’t that good compared to Endeavor HX1. Voices in stealth mode sound a little overly processed. The battery life comes around 6 hours.

5.Motorola H17 TXT

The Motorola H17txt is a small, lightweight, decent fit, compact and Mono Bluetooth headset with a flip-switch boom mic. The H17txt boasts Motorola’s CrystalTalk noise-cancelling technology as well as voice prompts. The H17txt comes with three different thin and flexible ear hooks with rubber rings that fit around the earpiece. Support for MotoSpeak apps (reads text messages) enable you to manage incoming text messages while d riving.

Features of the H17txt include multi point pairing last number redial, voice dial support , a limited A2DP streaming with no play pause functions. Call quality is good as CrystalTalk does its job.

The Motorola H17 txt headset Bluetooth range is below par just around 10 feet but gives an average batter life of six hours. It has quick recharge feature-15 minutes of charging let you to use the headset for 2 hours.

Final Words

We have reviewed five of the best Motorola Bluetooth headsets. Now it is your turn to find out which suits for you, and in your price range. Since prices vary often we haven’t given it explicitly. You may click on the link and find it out from Amazon. If you feel like we have missed some good Motorola Bluetooth Headsets feel free to comment below.

Best Motorola Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018
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