Best Overhead Drum Mics | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you hoping to get the best results out of your next recording session? We’ve seen many players try and fail at the whole “record my own sound” quest. However, the reason why many musicians fail at this is because they make one crucial mistake. They only focus on the quality of instruments.

While the quality of instruments that are being used is highly important for the overall outcome, you must not forget that the recording equipment needs to be top notch as well. That is why you need a high quality overhead drum mic if you want to get the best out of your drumming session.

We did some research to help you find the best overhead drum mics so you don’t have to dig through the market yourself. Even though we mainly focused on mics suitable for drummers, we included quite versatile products in our reviews.

Thus, some of these items are actually sets of several mics that will have the entire band covered while recording. If you are looking for quality and versatility, this is the best place to find it! Take a look at our reviews of the five best overhead drum mics and choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements! Once you’re done, leave a comment below and let us know which mic you opted for!

#1 Shure CVO-B/C Overhead Condenser Microphone

Starting off, the first item on our list is the Shure CVO-B/C overhead condenser mic that provides tailored frequency response for a great recording experience at an affordable price. What’s so special about this overhead microphone is the CommShielf technology that reduces unwanted RF interference that comes from different wireless devices around you. When it comes to physical features, the microphone portrays the classic superior Shure design and it is highly durable in terms of construction.

The frequency response of this mic ranges from 70 to 16 000 Hz. The mic includes an attached XLR cable that is 25 feet long. It is important to mention that the mic comes in two available colors, black or white, so you can match it with the rest of your recording equipment. This professional yet low profile condenser mic features an integrated hanger so it is easier set up and position properly in order to get the best recording quality.

  • Tailored frequency response
  • Ideal for capturing sound
  • Superior Shure design
  • 25 feet long XLR cable
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Integrated hanger
  • CommShield Technology for guarding against RF interference
  • Not the kind of quality you would get from more expensive models

#2 Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Next up is the Shure SM57-LC dynamic microphone that has become one of the most popular overhead mics in the world. It is used by professionals in the music industry because it provides a clear and accurate sound every time. Interestingly, this mic firstly became available on the market in 1965 but it has been redesigned several times to meet the most modern recording standards. Thus, it features strong isolation that reduces background noise and focuses on the main sound source.

It is important to mention the interesting fact that this microphone has been used in the White House since 1970. Therefore, there is no doubt that it offers exceptional quality and sound results. The product has been tested on height drops and it proved to be extremely durable and resistant to shock. It is a great choice for recording practice sessions or live performances. The frequency response ranges from 40 to 15 000 Hz. Keep in mind that this is one of the most versatile overhead mics on the market because it provides rich and clean vocal recording capabilities, as well as great frequencies for instrument recording.

  • Popular mic choice
  • Used in the White House
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Versatile frequency response
  • Great reputation on the market
  • No cons

#3 LyxPro SDPC-2 Stereo Pair of Pencil Condenser Stick Microphones

This is a pair of pro-grade microphones with premium and highly innovative features. These versatile mics suit acoustic and woodwind instruments as well. Overall, they capture audio very accurately. The set includes three capsules: omni, cardioid, and super cardioid. The frequency response ranges from 30Hz to 18 000 Hz. Keep in mind that the set comes with a few bonuses included in the price, such as two windscreens, two smooth-tilt mic chips for placement adjustment, as well as a high quality aluminum carrying case.

What’s great about these mics is that they can be set up very easily and adjusted with one hand. They are suitable for studio sessions and recording and they provide stunning quality for the money. Even though these mics are not as popular as the previous model we reviewed, they come with a lot of bonuses included in the price. The aluminum shield case is especially important for safe transportation, as you don’t want to damage your equipment. If you need more than one mic at a great price, this is a great set to start with!

  • Professional grade microphone
  • Accurately captures the slightest sounds
  • Three included capsules
  • Highly durable
  • Premium features integrated within a compact design
  • Comes with an aluminum case, windscreens, and mic clips
  • No cons

#4 Pyle Pro 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit

We will now move to a larger set that consists of seven dynamic mics for drum recording. These versatile mics can be used for a variety of purposes, including recording drums, vocals, and other instruments. The set contains all necessary components including a thread clip, inserts, mic holder, and a durable case. Each of the seven mics in the set are perfectly tuned to capture all sounds, which makes them ideal for close recording. Thanks to the convenient case, the mics can easily be packed up for safe transportation.

The set includes one big drum mic, four small drum mics, two condenser mics with holders, four thread clips and inserts, four clamps for snare and tom mics, and two windscreens for condenser mics. The frequency response ranges from 50Hz to 18 000 Hz. Overall, this set is extremely valuable considering the fact that you get a variety of mics at a great price. You will not only get a drum mic but a total of five mics along with two condenser types.

  • A set of seven mics
  • Set includes thread clips, inserts, mic holders, and a case
  • Compact and easy to cart
  • Great sound recording quality
  • Versatile frequency response
  • Multiple mics for a great price
  • All mics have standard XLR connectors – compatible with all instruments
  • No cons

#5 CAD Audio Stage7 7-Piece Drum Mic Pack

The final product on our list of five best overhead drum mics is the CAD Audio Stage drum pack that features seven different drum mics. The set includes a kick mic, a snare mic, three tom mics, and two overhead condenser mics. These high quality microphones are suitable for professional recording of drumming sessions. Each mic comes with integrated clips. Thanks to high quality components, this set has become very popular within the music industry, as many professionals use it on tours.

The heavy duty zipper case is suitable for taking the mics on the go. If you are looking for detailed recording quality and dynamic mics, this set is the best that money can buy. It includes a shock isolating mount and high quality components that reduce unnecessary noise and interference. Overall, the mics were designed to professionally capture sound and they are highly recommended for professional settings.

  • Professional quality drum mics
  • Full set of seven drum mics
  • Dynamic sound
  • High quality and detailed recording
  • Used on professional tours
  • Reduces unnecessary noise
  • Shock isolating mounts included
  • Heavy duty zipper case included
  • No cons

In Conclusion To

This was our brief yet precise list of five best overhead drum mics currently sold on the market. The list includes some of the finest pieces of recording equipment used in the music industry. All of these mics are used by professional drummers and musicians. In fact, one of them is being used in the White House as well. Therefore, there is no doubt that these products offer the top quality when it comes to drum recording.

If you are looking for a suitable overhead drum mic, we hope that our list of reviews has helped you make your final decision. As always, make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about the products we included in this list. If you already have any of these overhead drum mics, leave your thoughts and opinions below to help other users make their decision more easily!

Best Overhead Drum Mics | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
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