Best PS3 Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018

Do you own a PS3 and a copy of FIFA 13/ COD? Want to have wireless conversations with your team player online? The Top PS3 Bluetooth headsets for better gaming experience is here.

What that make PlayStation 3 stand apart from the rivals Xbox 360 or Wii is that it offers wider communication options instead of buying headset specific to one console that may not be compatible to any other device. PS3 supports most of the Bluetooth headsets out there in the market.

Though any Bluetooth headset works with PS3 it would be better to have a headset designed for awesome gaming experience. There are headsets which is designed especially for PlayStation 3

Note: All the below said Bluetooth headsets are compatible with the upcoming PS4, ie. these headsets can also be used as PS4 Bluetooth headset

These are our picks for best PS3 Bluetooth headset and PS4 Bluetooth Headset

Best PS3 Bluetooth Headsets of 2014

1. PlayStation 3 PS3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 By Sony

Though Sony gives freedom to choose any headset they also provide their own solution. This Bluetooth headset for PS3 is the successor of 1.0 version. This one sports a 30-percent smaller design , the original unique and stylish design, extended mobile phone support etc all for the same price as the original. But the stylish design and reduced size -roughly 30-percent smaller than the original – have no impact in its functionality as a gaming headset.

  • The headset can be paired with the console through USB in addition to Bluetooth
  • It provides active noise canceling via a side-mounted dual microphone
  • It is integrated to PS3 to display battery level, volume, and connection status right on the XMB.
  • The only PS3 Bluetooth device to work with the PS3 s High Quality mode, which delivers wide-band wireless audio for improved voice communication clarity.
  • Works great with smartphones as well
  • headset can be used as a desktop microphone while charging

2. Plantronics Gamecom P90

A Lighter and cheaper Version of Sony’ s official Bluetooth headset Plantronics Gamecome P90 features conventional Bluetooth headset comes with comfortable fitting.

  • Charge it directly from your PS3 using USB cable
  • Approximately 8-10 hours in use battery life
  • Works with Cell phone as well
  • Fast and easy set-up with the PS3 system using QuickPair technology
  • Dedicated Volume adjuster
  • Easy to find Mute Button

That’s it for below 50$ models now moving on to some high end PS3/PS4 Bluetooth headsets from Turtle Beach

3.Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51Ear Force PX51 is the latest premium PS3 headset model from Turtle beach shown up first in CES 2013. The is an expensive high performance , powerful clear, model. It is so powerful that you won’t even miss out your enemy’s footsteps . Turtle beach claims that the PX51 is the most advanced gaming audio system Turtle Beach has ever created.

  • A programmable headset – you can take your game sound to a whole new level with Audio Presets
  • PX51s pack a DSP as well as proper Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi setup to get rid of any possible interference with the headphone’s audio from other Wi-Fi networks
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides 15 hours of continuous play; You can even charge while playing
  • Dynamic Chat Boost volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder

4.Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5Ear force PX5 is a modified version of PX41 shares the same features like Dolby 7.1 surround sound audio, USB power, digital RF wireless technology, digital optical 5.1 pass through etc with a Bluetooth module that can connect two devices at a time. The headset is programmable that it can be tweaked to capture even cues like the enemy’s weapon loading sound.

  • PX5 headset runs on AA batteries, that provides 8 to 10 hours of use
  • Configure personalized presets to chat and mic audio,otimize game for different gaming situations
  • Eliminates ambient noise pickup on your mic and cutting background noise

5.Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3A cheaper version of the above discussed models, Ear Force PX3 is Aimed at the budget-conscious gamer offers top notch value. It’s fully compatible with PS3 , Xbox 360.

  • 18 interchangeable audio presets for Programming Game and Chat Sound for different gaming situations
  • Provides CD-quality game sound and wireless chat
  • Rechargeable Battery-delivers more than 10 hours
  • Eliminates background noise on your mic and online chat using sonic silencer
  • You can Widen or narrow the sound field and focus in on specific frequencies using Sonic Lens with Sound Field Expander

Final Words

Now that you’ve seen Our Top 5 picks, it is up to you to pick your model according to your preferences, budget etc. Think we missed a great PS3 Bluetooth headset, please let us know via comments

Best PS3 Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018
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