Best Samsung Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018

People hate strangled wire and want to have conversions hands free. Well Bluetooth headsets do both. They allow you to carry out safer conversation while driving and gives you freedom from strangled wire. Thus Bluetooth headsets are becoming a must have gadget for everyone.

For a consumer electronics giant like Samsung Bluetooth headsets have never been a priority product, still we can see a lot of feature rich budget Samsung Bluetooth headsets in the market. It is one of the successful strategy of Samsung to produce complimentary products like Bluetooth headsets in order to boost their smartphone sales.

We have done a thorough research to present you the best Samsung Bluetooth headsets. It was in the last quarter of 2011 Samsung brought their latest Bluetooth Headset. It is around 1.5 year they have brought a new Bluetooth headset. So in our article we have only included Bluetooth headset from 2011 as including outdated Bluetooth Headsets will not do any good to us.

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Five Best Samsung Bluetooth Headsets

1. Samsung HM 1000

HM 1000 is one of the cheapest Bluetooth headset that is available in the market now. It is a recommended Bluetooth headset for first time users. It comes with four ear gels in different sizes and two ear hooks. Though it is a lot cheaper compared to high end models like Plantronics Voyager Legend or Jawbone Era which feature the best voice quality, it comes close in voice quality for a single mic headset. It’s single microphone is designed for maximum noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic volume control. Voice quality is OK, budgets harsh in noisy environment ( justifiable while considering its price).The headset can be connected to two handsets simultaneously. The technology enables it, is called multipoint pairing. The Samsung HM1000 battery has a rated talk time of 7 hours and a rated standby time of 16.7 days.

2. Samsung HM 1700

HM 1700 is a simple looking, lightweight cheap Bluetooth headset that can help you to carry out hands free conversations. The headset is very comfortable to wear and comes with two removable ear hooks three ear gels. The headset comes in magenta and grey(pictured). Still being cheap it provides a satisfying voice quality even in noisy environment. Noise cancellation is okay with it’s single microphone ( usually Bluetooth headsets feature dual microphones for better noise cancellation). Samsung HM 1700 is highly supported by voice commands. It can tell you when you need to recharge your headset, whether it is paired successfully or other usage instructions. It can stream Mono music as it supports A2DP protocol and can be connected to two different devices simultaneously (multi point pairing). Samsung claims that HM 1700 delivers a 9 hours of talk time, 8 hours of music streaming and up to 300 hours of standby time per charge cycle .

3. Samsung HM 3700

HM 3700 is a low priced, simple looking convertible Bluetooth Headset. It can be used like a mono Bluetooth headset in one ear with its removable ear hook or can be used as a stereo Bluetooth headset with pair of earbuds that connects via the Micro-USB port . It comes with two ear hooks a shirt clip, two alternative ear tips, and a microUSB-to-standard-size 3.5mm headphone adapter for swapping the bundled earbuds with other headphones. Samsung HM 3700 is supported by voice prompts and commands that makes it easy to use. It is compatible with FreeSync android app that offers functions like Caller ID, text to speech etc. Sound quality is satisfactory, but stereo mode audio quality is way better than the Mono mode . Voice quality is decent as well even in noisy environment. The headset supports multipoint pairing for pairing the device with two handsets simultaneously. Samsung claims that HM 3700 is able to deliver a battery life of 9 hours of talk time and 12.5 days of standby time.

4. Samsung HS 3000

HS 3000 is a moderately priced, Bluetooth headset comes with an interesting design for a stereo Bluetooth headset. It comes with a set of earbuds with the main body which look like a mono Bluetooth headset that can be clipped to your shirt. Jabra Clipper also features the same design. Unlike Samsung HM 3700 it is not convertible to Mono mode, but still you can use any headphone/ earbud that can be connected via 3.5 mm headset jack. Audio as well as voice quality is good enough for normal environment. Noise cancellation is satisfactory even in nisy areas. It also features dedicated controls for music, with three modes namely Normal, Vocal and Instrumental. Samsung HS 3000 has multipoint connectivity, battery level indicator and supports voice prompts and commands. Samsung claims that the HS 300o has battery life of 7 hours talk time, 6 hours music playback, and seven days standby time.

5. Samsung Modus HM 6450

HM 6450 is the best affordable headset in this list considering its price and features. It is a convertible Bluetooth headset like Samsung HM 3700. You can use it as a standard mono headset, and when you attach headphone through its micro USB port it becomes stereo. Samsung Modus HM6450 comes with an AC adapter, three different ear gels in various sizes, two detachable ear hooks for mono use and the earbuds for stereo use. Built-in voice commands, multi point pairing, voice prompts, and support for Android’s FreeSync app makes it a perfect companion for our handset. The headset provides best performance both in mono and stereo modes, whether it is stereo audio session or during normal voice calls. Samsung claims Modus HM 6450 delivers 6 hours talk time and 180 hours standby time. This headset could be a good choice for your workout session as you can clip the whole thing to your shirt.

Final Words

We have reviewed five of the best Samsung Bluetooth headsets. Now it is your turn to find out which could be your companion. Since prices vary frequently we haven’t given it explicitly. You may click on the link and find it out from Amazon. As we have already mentioned we haven’t considered Samsung Bluetooth headsets that launched before 2011, If you still feel like we have missed some good Samsung Bluetooth Headsets feel free to comment below.

Best Samsung Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2018
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