Best Sports Bluetooth Headsets & Headphones for Running and Workout Sessions

Sweat proof Bluetooth headsets are the hottest gadgets in town. The headphone that comes pre-packed with your phone simply doesn’t last long because they aren’t designed to be used in such a way. But the latest models of running Bluetooth headsets offer significant advantages when it comes to sweat resistance and style. They are ideal for workout sessions, especially for people who like to jog in the morning.

Improved battery life and ergonomic designs have made them a necessity. The music can help spur you on during those hard times. Features to consider in a Bluetooth sports headset are sound quality, noise cancellation, battery life, price, range, comfort and style. It is important that you choose the right model to avoid a bitter experience and that’s why we present to you, a review of the best Bluetooth headsets for workout sessions

1. Philips shb6000

This headset comes with noise isolating earbuds that block out ambient noise and the rotating pipes provide for impressive sound quality, especially the bass. Since they are sweat proof, it’s naturally a good choice for regular use at the gym. The buttons are located on the back, are easy to use. It’s priced around $85. Please note that some users have complained of them slipping out during the more rigorous exercise routines.

2. Philips SHB6017

It is designed in such a way that it’s both sweat proof and waterproof in case you decide to clean them. The silicon caps provide for a comfortable fit. SwitchStream allows you to receive a call while listening to music. The 8.6 mm neodymium drivers produce great sounds and the bass is exceptional. The ambient noise cancellation is also quite good. At $79.99, it’s worth the price if you sweat a lot while exercising.

3. Jabra SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset

These Bluetooth headsets are increasingly sought after for their sweat resistance and performance. They come with multiple ear tips to provide a matching fit. They lock into your ear and have proved to be durable, but the sound quality could have been better. Also the battery lasts long enough. The price of $79.99 sounds alright since they provide the premium feature of Bluetooth connectivity and freedom from wires.

4. Yurbuds inspire limited edition

These babies are a great at style and have 15mm drivers that are sealed in to prevent them from falling out during workouts. Yurbuds has ensured that they are sweatproof and water proof. Battery last for a week’s worth of exercise. 5 pairs of ear tips offer a customized fit. But the audio quality is average and the bass particularly is below par. These ergonomically designed Bluetooth headsets are overpriced at $ 150 but if you like the way they feel, it’s fine.

5. Bluetooth iSport Freedom

Monster has combined high performance and style to produce the new iSport freedom headphones. It is extremely sweat resistant and manual control buttons are present. It’s also versatile since with the detachable cable you can use it as a normal wired headphone if it runs out of power. But for the price of $280, we expected a bit more when it comes to sound quality. But for people concerned more with exercising, it works fine.

6. Jaybird Bluebuds X

This Bluetooth headphone may look tiny but it is a beauty indeed. Jaybird allows you freedom from wires at a hefty price of $150 but it’s a rung above the competition. The lightweight headset boasts of exceptional audio quality. Also Bluebuds X comes coated with Liquipel, rendering them sweat-resistant. It also features cool voice prompts and a long battery life of eight hours. This impressive Bluetooth headset maybe a bit expensive but they promise to keep you running.

7. Motorola S11

Motorola recently launched this new range of Bluetooth headsets and the S11 has already emerged as the front runner. Its rapid charging rate is unprecedented and the playback quality is quite good. The S11 is compact as well as lightweight at 54 grams. It also allows for a longer range of 150 feet. But the voice quality is only tolerable. This versatile next-gen headset is available at $129.99 and in case you have any complaints, Motorola customer support is among the best.

8. Denon AH 150

This Bluetooth headset from Denon has excellent features, all the while being sweat resistant. It offers up to seven hours of battery life with charging time of 1.5 hours. It comes with replaceable eartips to get a customized fit to ensure comfort and noise isolation. Denon has also provided the option of using cord in case you have second thoughts about going wireless. The marvelous design along with the best sound quality, make it an ideal choice. AH 150 is priced at $149.

Best Sports Bluetooth Headsets & Headphones for Running and Workout Sessions
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