Best Stereo Bluetooth Headsets Review 2018

A few years ago Bluetooth headsets were bulky, uncomfortable to wear, and very expensive. The scenario has been changed when all manufactures started offering cheap, pretty, comfortable, and feature rich headsets. Bluetooth headsets has been a necessary equipment along with our smartphones these days.

We know there are two types of Bluetooth headsets Mono and stereo, Mono-single piece headsets and stereo- headphone with microphone capability. As we have recently covered the Best Mono Bluetooth headset guide, this time we move on to find the best stereo Bluetooth headset available in the market. Don’t forget to check out our ultimate Bluetooth headset guide for tips to follow while you buy a Bluetooth headset.

What is a Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Stereo Bluetooth headset are headphones with microphone capability. You can enjoy wireless stereo music and switch seamlessly to calls. Usually stereo headsets place audio over voice calls. Recent rise in smartphone industry has given a push to Bluetooth stereo headsets.

How to Find the Best Bluetooth Stereo Headset

We have done a thorough research to find the best stereo Bluetooth headset in the market and hand picked five of them. though it was a tough process to filter out some good headsets we believe that these headsets are the best five stereo headset you may get. You may browse the other Bluetooth headsets in the interactive chart of our Bluetooth headset guide.

Top Five Stereo Bluetooth Headsets Review

1. Plantronics Backbeat Go:

Plantronics Backbeat go is a small,compact stereo Bluetooth headset. It looks alike an earbud with wireless connectivity. It is designed very attractively and offers comfortable fit. Plantronics has over come the challenge to bring the lightest and smallest headset by compacting the electronics as well as batter part. It is good at voice calls, listening to music or podcasts, without being a nuisance to anyone nearby.

The first time you power on the headset Blackbeat Go automatically goes to pairing mode. Though it is an excellent choice for voice calls sound quality is good but not great while audio streaming. Plantornics provides my headset app compatible with Android handsets which provide battery status of the headset. The battery lasts around 4.5 hours which could be a problem while travelling long distance. You get around 20 feet range before the signal drops out.

Though it looks like apt for your workout session, Backbeat go does not feature sweat resistant body which in turn makes it unacceptable for heavier workout sessions.

2. Jabra Clipper:

Jabra Clipper is a unique, portable stereo headset. It features a 3.5 mm jack so that you may plug any earphone or your home entertainment system with it. It is an inexpensive way to use stereo Bluetooth multiple ways. Physically it looks like a clip that could be clipped to your clothing so easily. It comes with a set of earbuds with three different rubber tip and can be replaced with your favourite set of headphone.

The first time you power the Clipper, it automatically goes to pairing mode. It does not support multipoint pairing that means you cannot pair the headset with more than one handsets. The sound quality is overall good with the default ear buds. You may enjoy a better experience if you have a quality earphone that could be plugged into clipper’s 3.5mm Jack. It is easy to switch between music and call, and vice versa you just have to press the button to pause the music.

If you are away from Clipper for more than 33 feet it will alert you so that you don’t have to easily get it back if it is lost.You get around 6 hours as music/talk time with clipper and a standby time up to 8 days.

3. Motorola S11-Flex HD

Motorola S11 flex HD has also listed in our best Motorola Bluetooth headset guide. The headset is lightweight, sweat resistant and brings many ways to fit it comfortably. The headset is a good choice for workout sessions.

Voice prompt interface will guide you to pair the headset. You can pair the headset with two device and alternate between them when a call comes through. S11 Flex place stereo quality over voice call quality. It features dual microphones for enhanced noise cancelling on calls.

Motorola S11 Flex HD gives a hour of charge out of just five minutes of charging time. Battery life lasts around 8 hours on full recharge, which is outstanding. It also provide excellent wireless range around 40 feet, which is to be noted.

4. LG Tone

LG has launched a number of Bluetooth headsets such as HBS 200, HBS 250 with behind the neck design. LG Tone is no different in design but brings a number of improvements over its predecessors. It is more comfortable than the precursors and look strange with its cylindrical pods connected via a flexible neckband, with a wired earbud coming out of each pod.

LG tone features the usual call, reject, last number redial in addition to a Bluetooth ringtone answering function that will play your phone’s ringtone for incoming calls through the headset. It also supports multi point pairing so that you may connect two device wit it simultaneously. Of course, you won’t be able to use multipoint pairing mode while streaming audio.

The music’s audio quality is very good as well as its voice call quality. LG claims a battery life of 10 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time for LG Tone Stereo Headset.

5. Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport is designed to make outdoor activities enjoyable with it is ruggerized body. It allows you to take important calls while it streams stereo audio. It is light weighted and uses a behind-the-ear battery pack design. The coolest thing about Jabra Sport is that it is designed to meet IP54 rugged certification that says that a product can survive exposure to splashes of water plus all but the most extreme levels of blowing dust particles. It can also survive occasional drops too.

Jabra sport supports audio streaming and the quality is good, but not great. Voice call quality is also acceptable.The Jabra Sport also features an integrated FM radio, which you can switch on with a dedicated key. Jabra claims the Sport will provide up to 4.5 hours of talk time, play music for 3 hours and last for four days on standby.

Final Words

We have reviewed five of the best stereo Bluetooth headsets. Now it is your turn to find out which could be your buddy. Since prices vary frequently we haven’t given it explicitly. You may click on the link and find it out from Amazon. If you feel like we have missed some good stereo Bluetooth Headsets feel free to comment below.

Best Stereo Bluetooth Headsets Review 2018
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