Harman Kardon BT Premium Over-Ear Headphone Review

Harman Kardon are more traditionally known for making very good computer and hi-fi speakers. Can they successfully bring this same level of quality and audio expertise to the competitive wireless headphone market?


These new bluetooth on the ear headphones from Harman Kardon have very good sound reproduction. Bass is nice and crisp and the movie I was watching was very easy to hear all the dialog, even in the action scenes.

Even though these aren’t noise cancelling headphones, the fit of them is nice and snug, and does a very good job of reducing ambient noise when it is present.

Battery life is very good, I used these on a 10 hour flight and they still had some juice left in them when I made it to my destination. Charging is through an proprietary socket, which connects to a standard USB plug, so you can charge them through your computer, or a wall mounted USB charger.

Bluetooth technology paired quickly and easily with my television (Samsung UH50) as well as my tablet (Nexus 7) and my iPhone. They have the ability to pair in APT-X mode, which is a higher quality Bluetooth connection, should your transmitting device be able to do so.

The look and feel of these Harman Kardon BT headphones is very good indeed, they are a classy looking bit of kit that can be used, not only for watching movies, but are well suited for outdoors and gym sessions.


Not all televisions are bluetooth enabled, so you may have to purchase a small bluetooth audio dongle for your TV. They aren’t expensive, but it will add an extra $10 or so onto your order.

The proprietary charging cable means an extra thing to pack if you are going away and want to be able to charge your headphones. Why they didn’t use a standard mini USB socket is beyond me.

Have heard that the headphone band connector can be susceptible to damage when changing from the small to the large headphone band (both supplied) – so take care when getting them set up for the first time.


I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality of the hardware and the audio that these headphones came with. I initially chose them so I could watch movies late at night without disturbing my family, but they soon became my multi purpose headphones.

I’ll often use them to listen to music when I am taking the dogs for a walk on the weekend, listen to audio books when I am commuting on the train into work and in the evenings I will use them for television and movie duty.
A very good all round set of headphones that I urge you to try if you are looking for high quality sound and components in a keenly priced package.

Harman Kardon BT Premium Over-Ear Headphone Review
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