Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth headsets are an indispensable gadgets for the professional who spend their most of the time on phone. Ability to work with mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets as well as PCs would be a boon for the corporate people. Such a gadget is Jabra Supreme UC. It does have a boom microphone like the Plantronics Voyager Legend but brings an additional feature to connect with PC.

Design, Comfort and Pairing

The Jabra Supreme UC is typically the Jabra Supreme headset apart from a tiny Bluetooth adapter called Jabra Link 360, which is included in the box for PC connection. It comes with a carrying case as well as an extra earpiece, and works with a universally acceptable micro USB for power. The Supreme UC is much bulkier than typical mono Bluetooth headsets like Jawbone Era.

You have single button for Voice Control that sits in the middle of the boom, giant multifunction button on the device front face, and two volume buttons edge close to ear surrounding the covered micro USB port. The device is an high quality device from its hardware perspective and though bulky comfortable to wear.

Once you plug the Jabra 360 Link the Bluetooth USB dongle into a free USB port on your PC (only Windows is supported), the Link 360 pushes computer audio to the Jabra Supreme UC’s headset. The audio could be from the media player or your Skype sessions.

Folding the boom will turn the headset off and folding it back turns it on. Pairing easy , the first time you turn it on it goes automatically to pairing mode. A set of voice prompts guide you for pairing it with your phone.

Voice Performance and Additional Features

Jabra Supreme UC features dual microphone with their noise cancelling DSP algorithm to minimise background noise. The device also lets you to stream audio and podcasts, but the Supreme UC is just not made for that.

Jabra Supreme app, can be downloaded from Google Play, allows you to tweak noise-cancelling settings. You can use preset profiles like Outside, Office, and Car; or make personal voice recordings. Remember that these settings control the level of noise reduction you go through from the headset, rather than what callers hear.

Voice commands features in Jabra Supreme UC is Impressive. Pressing the Voice Control button activates the device’s listening mode. Then, it’ll prompt you to say a command. There are many options for your use, including, “Redial,” “Pair with new device,” or call 213476. . In case you forget what commands are possible, asking, ” What can I say ” gives you all the options.

Jabra claims the Supreme provides 6 hours of talk time and 15 days standby time.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent noise Cancellation
  • Pair able with PC


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

Should you Buy It

If you are looking for suitable Bluetooth headset to carry out your call sessions through both Phone and PC, and not concerned about the size go for Jabra Supreme UC

Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth Headset Review
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