Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 Review

Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 is the latest stereo Bluetooth headset from Plantronics. This small and comfortable wireless headset is the predecessor of former Plantronics BlackBeat GO. BlackBeat GO 2 has has fixed most of the issues its predecessor has and can be easily regarded as one of the best Bluetooth headset devices. Most of the changes or improvements on BlackBeat GO 2 is on its quality like durability, sound quality and call experience. The device has quite many resemblances with BlueBuds X.

Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 offers high fidelity sound experience to the users. It employs 6 mm third-generation speaker that’s an improvement upon the first generation 6 mm speaker in the original BackBeat Go. The sound quality is hence better compared to the original. Some customers find that the bass is weak compared to other Bluetooth stereo headsets.

The call experience is considered as good. It uses MEMS microphone plus full duplex echo cancellation for better sound quality during calls. But the microphone picks up noises while using it in streets and such crowded places. Never worry about the moisture or rain while using Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2. It comes with military grad P2i nano coating which protects your headset from sweat and moisture damage.

There is no or very less connectivity issues with the device. Once you connect a Bluetooth device to Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2, it will automatically remember the device. Up to 8 such Bluetooth devices can be stored in memory by it hence saving your time.

Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 is available in 2 colors; black and white. The product is available in two methods; one with charging case and other without. The issue with mediocre battery life is solved with this charging case as a battery life extension solution. It is basically an external battery charger. There is another feature called DeepSleep Hibernation mode. This feature helps Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 to hold the charges for upto six months if its not in use. Without DeepSleep mode it gives up to 5 hours of talk time and 4.5 hours of listening time. There are online battery meter available for the device in both Android and Apple platforms. Use the device without any cords and extra fittings, hence improving your all day comfort and connectivity. The complete pack includes Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 earbuds, AC charger, three eartips (small, medium, large), fit stabilizers, quick start guide. Plantronics had redesigned the stabilizers and eartips from the original.

Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 Features

  • Wireless Range : 33 ft (10 meter)
  • P2i military grade nano coating
  • Inline controls to take calls
  • DeepSleep Mode Battery saving feature
  • Plantronics Battery meter widget
  • Battery status: Up to 5 hours Talk Time | 4.5 hours Listening Time | Up to 10 days Standby Time
  • Noise Cancellation : Digital Signal Processing and full duplex echo cancellation
  • Charging: Micro USB charging
  • Call Experience : MEMS microphone plus full duplex echo cancellation


  • Useful design touches.
  • Smallest Bluetooth headset
  • Inexpensive, even with optional battery charging pouch.
  • Decent sound quality,
  • EASY pairing
  • intuitive controls
  • good iP5 call quality (both ways)
  • Much better sound than a single BT earpiece
  • Very good sound quality for Bluetooth
  • Good bass response
  • Easy to pair and use
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Pair up to 8 devices


  • Must remove an earpiece during calls (drum effect);
  • Ear pieces are very large
  • Length of charge is short at 4 hours or so
  • Weak bass
  • Microphone picks up street noise.

Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 Customer Reviews

It is no doubt that Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 is having great improvements from original BlackBeat GO. The device is a good pick up for those who are looking for best music experience and a durable headset. The short battery life is solved with the on the go charging case by Plantronics. There are only few drawbacks like microphone picking noise on this device. Other ways it is obviously a best Bluetooth headset available at this price range.

Plantronics BlackBeat GO 2 Review
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