Vox Valvetronix AD50VT XL Makes One Step Ahead

For past several years the Vox Company has been presenting products, tools and gears for every taste. The Company deserves respect for ideas and innovations.

It has been very popular since 60’s with its Vox AC30 guitar amps, organs and other tools. Valvetronix is something that Company presented to the World and received many awards. The Vox Valvetronix AD50VT XL amp is one of the Valvetonix technology series which will be reviewed today.

Company invented innovation which combines combo and tube sound into one and delivers great tone. Vox amps are quite expensive and mostly are tube ones. Combining two amps into one middle-class was making one step ahead of competitors. Vox tube amps are also quite classical rock sound, so Valvetronix series is now more universal. It includes many sounds variations from clean tone to trash metal. Products like these are really good for any taste.

Valvetronix AD50VT XL combo amp review

The term Valve Reactor which Vox describes as unique technology that’s been used in Valvetronix series really reminds that this is something like “radioactive”. Valve Reactor as it self sounds like “Do not touch or you‘ll be radioactive!” But never mind…

It sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple. It’s just new Vox technology that is used to combine transistor sounding and real tube sound together. As itself it’s a hybrid guitar amp with the Vox original tube preamp. This technology delivers tube tone.

All amplifiers from Valvetronix series use Valve Reactor including AD15VT, AD30VT, AD50VT and AD100VT. At this time The Company presents new models which are quite similar with added few effects and upgrades, but I think that nothing has changed.

The Vox Valvetronix AD50VT XL is one great hybrid amp with many features. I was using this amp for some time ago and I was really impressed. It’s great for practice at home or with the band. It can be used in concerts and small rooms for playing. It’s quite powerful and it delivers loud power sound.

It’s also quite heavy. It weighs about 22 kg (51 lbs). But it’s not that really heavy. Vox tube amps weight about 45 kg (95 lbs). That’s the real challenge for musician to carry this monster in one hand and guitar in other.

The main difference between LX series and AD50VT is that XL has 2 x 12” built-in original speakers. That’s really important. AD50VT and XL both are powerful 50W amps, but the XL delivers much more power than his brother with only one speaker. This means that AD50VT which has similar effects, features and only one speaker can disappoint, because it will deliver not enough sound power (especially practicing with the band).

You need to feel the power of the guitar so (not only hear it!), because electric guitar won’t satisfy. So, in this case guitar amp with 2 speakers really is better one, because it will deliver more power even if it’s the same 50-watt with only one speaker. I can say that this is one of the best middle class 2 x 12” amps.

The main features of the AD50VT XL

It has built in 11 amp sounds, 11 preset programs, 11 effects and much. Effects can be bypassed with one button click. This amp offers 2 channel settings which can be turned-on on the front panel or by footswitch. Footswitch isn’t included, it must be purchased separately.

It has 8 ohm output jack for cabinet which can be connected to the amp. It has no CD input jacks; it can’t be used for backing track and improvisation playing. This is one big option which Company didn’t include in it.

List of simulated amps:

  • Glass;
  • Funked;
  • Buzzsaw;
  • Crunched;
  • Trashed;
  • Raged;
  • Modern;
  • Fluid;
  • Molten;
  • Black;
  • Damaged;

List of built-in effects:

  • Octave;
  • Comp;
  • Comp + Phaser;
  • Comp + Chorus;
  • Chorus + Delay;
  • Chorus + Reverb;
  • Flanger + Reverb;
  • Tremolo + Reverb;
  • Rotary + Reverb;
  • Delay;
  • Reverb;

There’re plenty of effects and simulations here. I use only few of them, so everyone can find own sound and enjoy it. Models from “Glass” to “Damaged” mean – clean tone to trash metal. Effects are quite a lot here and they can be combined with various amp models.

AD50VT XL Vox amp has great arsenal of sound types and effects and it’s great choice for beginner and intermediate guitar player. It’s equipped with good arsenal and the price is worth purchasing it.

Maybe you think that if it has built-in tube then it must be replaced once in 6 – 12 months? Well, no! It will go for 5 or even 10 years. It’s Valvetronix Valve Reactor and there’s no need to think about tube replacement.

There’s one big disatvantage in this amp that you’ll never find on the internet. Well, Vox from Valvetronix is perfect for beginner or intermediate guitar player, but after some time of practice guitarist needs more dynamic amp to feel and hear every note. AD50VT XL is good, but it isn’t as sensitive as for example Fender Mustang. More sensitive and dynamic amp can show all your playing disadvantages on which you can work on. But the Valve Reactor technology can’t do that, so any Valvetronix series amp remains quite middle class with great sound.

If I must suggest Vox Valvetronix AD50VT to everyone interested in it then I would say – Yes! It’s worth buying! It has many great features and it’s hybrid amp for good price.

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT XL Makes One Step Ahead
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